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Career Paths in K-12 Education

If you are passionate about K-12 education, but you don’t want to be a teacher, there are a lot of jobs you can select. You can go ahead and become the director of curriculum and instruction. This role requires you to develop the curriculum that is used at elementary and secondary schools. You will also be the one to ensure that the curriculum is implemented in these schools. You will also ensure that the curriculum you implemented is efficient. This role will also require you to ensure that all the materials used are effective, and they meet all state educational standards.

Being a compliance manager is another career path you can undertake. All schools always work to ensure that they follow all local, state and federal laws that have been set. As a compliance manager, you will be providing proof that these standards have been met. You will be working to ensure that all the compliance documentation is kept accurately. If there is any data analysis needed, you will be the one to carry it out. Being an instructional coach is another career you can undertake in K-12 education. Your roles, in this case, will be to help teachers refine instructional practices so that they can enhance academic growth.

You can also go ahead and choose to become a data manager. All the data points in schools have to be organized and managed in a systematic manner. You will need to ensure that all grades, degree requirements and assessments have been managed in the right manner. A data manager will ensure that data will be gathered analyzed and that changes will be implemented in real-time. A data manager is also responsible for using data-driven analyses to come up with new effective strategies. Being a manager of talent acquisition is also another job that can help you impact K-12 education. The staff you hire in school should always be highly qualified. This job will keep you in charge of hiring any personnel in school. You can select the employees of a school based on its mission and goals.

Another role you can take in k-12 education is being the director of school transformation. Your role will be to improve student achievement and the academic culture of the school. You will have to work with community members, teachers and principals. You will be in charge of implementing changes and choosing what works best. Becoming a family engagement manager is also another career path you can choose in K-12 education. You will be encouraging the participation of family members in school events and other community outreach activities. You will strategize and create initiatives that will connect families to individual student success.
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